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Your Twitter Could Use a Deep Clean...

You know there's good and bad stuff lurking in the ancient history of your Twitter feed. Tweet Sweep can sort the trash from the treasure, leaving only the Tweets you want. And it's free.

(Don't worry, we won't delete anything until you're ready.)

What's Lurking in Your Twitter?

There's plenty of reasons to clean your Twitter history regularly. You might be an influencer changing your brand, or you're embracing minimalism, or maybe you're worried about old Tweets coming back to haunt you or dox you.

No matter your reason, you can start cleaning your feed in under 5 minutes with Tweet Sweep, completely for free.

Choose What to Treasure

You define what is trash and what is treasure. Tweet Sweep follows your rules for what is trash and what is treasure. Sweep away unliked Tweets, old Tweets, retweets, whatever you want.

Secure in the Cloud

Your Sweeps are run by a secure computer in the cloud. And once your Tweets are gone, they're really gone. They are never saved to disk or logged during the Sweep.

Level Up to Supporter

Tweet Sweep can clean your Twitter feed completely for free. But if you are a real social media mogul, you might want to upgrade to our Supporter tier.

Schedule Sweeps

Queue up Sweeps to run ahead of major launches or just when you know your audience is away.

Repeat Automatically

If you want to ensure your feed is always spick and span, you can schedule your Sweeps to run as freqeuently as every day.

Unlimited Sweeps

Free users can only run a couple Sweeps a month. Supporters can run as many as they want.

Get Started

There's no time like the present.

Clean your feed before you accidentally become Twitter's main character for the day .

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